Learning Curves

Well, I am making some progress with trying to teach myself wood working, but I am making mistakes. However, since the filming of this video, I have been practicing. I have learned how to actually use a mortising chisel, and have acquired a new router bit and chisel that will help make possible what I am trying to do.

In the mean time, try not to laugh too hard.

Table Saw Sled

Hello! The table saw sled is completed; but man is it ugly. It’s made from scrap wood and I could not create the nice curved profile that was in the SketchUp drawing, as I don’t have a band saw or scroll saw, and no spindle sander. I will glue on a veneer on the top run my router over the edges with a round-over bit.

table saw sled

Table Saw Sled

table saw sled

Close Up

However, ugly as it is, it’s accurate! I used the truing method found online at: Five Cuts to a Perfect Table Saw Sled My “A” cut was .6135″; “B” cut was .6190″. After calculating the math it gave my an error of .0018″ over a 23.09″ length cut. Not perfect, but I’ll take it! Now I can use it to square up the ends of the massive workbench legs I am constructing. Fun!

table saw sled

A cut dimension.

table saw sled

B cut dimension

Saw Horses


Hello to everyone who is here from the 3D Warehouse. Above is a quick photograph of how my sawhorses turned out using scrap plywood and 2x4s from the shop. they are rock solid and very close to perfectly level, not 100%, but darn close. A large level placed across the tops of both the sawhorses is also nearly dead-plug level.

The horse on the left carries the jig that I designed to help me make the 15° cuts on the ends of the legs. The jig held the legs perfectly as I pushed the entire assembly through the blade. The blade did get hot enough to start smoking the wood. I tilted the blade 15° and laid the legs flat on the table to complete the notch.

The two photos below show the jig in action.



All-in-all I am very happy with my new horses. Can’t wait to get started on the assembly table. I’ll keep you posted.