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I have been an artist for most of my life. Drawing, painting, sculpting are things I do with relative ease. A gift from the Father, do doubt. You can find information on my work at my sister web site Northwest Watercolors. With a bit of luck, mixed with a bit of marketing savvy, I hope to sell a few paintings. Prints will also be available.

Below is a picture of my most recent painting, “Forest Light”. As my wife and I just moved into our new home, I am setting up my studio. Hopefully I will be back to painting soon.

Forest Light

Thanks for taking the time to visit. Come back soon.

All the best to you and yours,


4 thoughts on “Northwest Watercolors

  1. Wow, I was looking for good news only and found a lot of wonderful people with stories and adventures. I need to add your site to my favorites.

  2. Hi, My wife and I were saved in 1970 and have been following the Lord since then. We are both in our late 70’s and I am a painter and she is into writing. Really like you watercolors. Since I have just begun in that medium I look at everything I can that will help me get the feel of it. All help with WC or triking, gratefully accepted. I ride a KMX Typhoon mostly for exercise and going watercolor sketching. I would need to train for quite a while to do the long distance thing. Great to hear about everyone’s adventures.

    Best, Jerry La Point

    • Jerry,

      Most excellent to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It is exciting to hear that you are both a watercolor artist and a trike rider. That’s three excellent things we have in common.

      I’m actually glad you wrote, because I have needed a bit of a kick to get back to my art work. I’ve been a bit lazy. I’ve a board stretched and waiting for me now for over a month. It will be a portrait of my granddaughter. I will get started on it this weekend, and post photographs along the way and comment on my progress.

      I’m also humbled, and I hold you in great honor that you and your wife have been together for what I am assuming is a long time. Times are not the same as they have been in the past. You have accomplished a truly admirable thing. My wife and I are going on 26 years.

      Late 70s – you guys are still young! Keep on living and riding, Jerry. Do me a favor when you get a chance. Go to the home page and look on the right side of the page at the bottom where it says, “Subscribe to GNO”. Fill that out. When I post my watercolor related link, you will be notified. I do not share email addresses at all, so you will not get any spam from me. Unsubscribe whenever you like.

      Until then, take care, my Brother. God bless you and yours. Hey, isn’t it good to look forward to the Kingdom? Man, we’ll be able to paint all we want, and maybe we won’t even need tricycles to go to one place to another. We’ll just fly there. Awesome!

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