N Scale Model Railroad

All Aboard!

Yes, finally my new n-scale model railroad is under construction. In the past I had a great start on a model railroad, but life and circumstance intervened as they often do and the project was never completed. Now, finally, I have the time (God willing) and means to complete a small project. So welcome, and come along for the ride. Within a series of posts I will document my efforts and share some tips and insights. I’m calling the railroad the “GNO North Western”.

The Layout

The layout itself is one that would be considered small, only 84 inches by 84 inches. I wanted bigger one, as the room the layout is in is huge, approximately 22 ft. x 18 ft. However, after family negotiations were completed it became apparent this was the perfect size.

Here’s a look at the proposed layout.

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My fondest memories of railroads and trains are up close and personal. What I mean is I always remember trains very close, and intertwined with the neighborhood. When we were young my brother and sister and I would simply walk across the street from our family apartment to where many box cars were parked on spurs between large factory complexes. We were able to climb in into the cars, touch the wheels, examine the undercarriages, etc.

Later I remember riding my bicycle home from work and being stopped one the sidewalk by a passing train. I could feel the wind from the cars as they passed by only 15 ft. away.

I wanted to recreate that feeling in my layout. So though it is small, there is plenty of interaction between the railroad and the residents of the layout. Here’s how I envision the finished product, at least currently.

nscale layout, nscale model railroading, model railroad, model railroad bench work, benchwork, lenz, LZV 100, DCC

There has been many relaxing hours of drawing and redrawing my layout concept. You should see the pile of drawings left over from other ideas. Hopefully this is close the the final version. I have only a two-spur rail yard, and the mainline is a single track except for a siding in the upper left corner where the station will go.

There will be three, possibly four rail serviced industries, including a lumber yard, and a manufacturing plant of some sort. I’m also considering a brewery or concrete plant. Delivering cars to those industries should supply plenty of operations action. The yard master will have his hands full, as there is limited space and no reversing loop planned. The center of the layout is reserved for a city scene which will include a downtown/shop area, with neighborhood close by, just like I remember.

Anyway, this is the first installment of many post documenting my efforts. Check back about once every week to two weeks for updates. Subsequent post will be placed under the N Scale link at the top of this page. Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Recent Posts

A Modern Day Psalm

Oh Lord, increase my faith; lend me the power of your Holy Spirit.
Let me not fade away in doubt and double-mindedness.
Grant me power to rely solely on You, for I have resolved to do Thy will upon the earth.
Do not blot out my name from your Book.
Let Your faithfulness sustain me day and night.
May your promises guard my path and keep my foot from slipping.
Let the light of your Word shine on me; lead me to the Higher Rock.

The world has grown cold; they have forsaken Your Word.
There is no fear of God before their eyes,
Nor do they give head to Your lovingkindness.
Evil men rush to do evil; treacherous men lay a trap for the innocent.
They gnash upon them with their teeth.
They council together to perform deceitfulness.
Their words are smoother than oil, but inwardly dwells hatred.
As a millstone crushes grain, so do they to their fellow man.
A net is spread for those who would strive to live righteously.
Their words pour forth, a sharpened sickle to reap those who fear God from the face of the earth.

But You, God, will laugh at them; You will remember their deeds on that Day.
Your reward is prepared for them, while they say, “Who sees; who hears?”
They know not that their recompense does not slumber.
Judge them Father; give them their due; break the teeth from their jaw.
Let their arms become useless.
Divide their tongue when they speak treachery.
Let their habitation become desolate and their purposes be thwarted.
Let confusion overtake them, and their counsel be darkened.

But Lord God, are from everlasting to everlasting.
You reign over heaven and earth.
All things belong to You.
The heavens declare Your majesty, and the earth Your power.
Do not forsake those who love truth; let the righteous man be unmoved.
Sustain your servants; let those who love peace fear not.
May the light of your countenance shine upon them.

For Thou are the King of kings above all the nations.
All power and dominion belong to the Most High God.
You will not suffer evil to triumph over good, but will redeem the one who waits for You.
Surely those who love peace will be rewarded.
He who orders his life aright will see Your salvation,
And his habitation will be in Thy house forever and forever.


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