Happy Father’s Day

Hi, Guys! Wow, I had a great Father’s Day today. The message in church was awesome. My son called me and shared the latest. He is having a blast on his new job – getting paid and having fun!

I completed an easy 12-mile ride on the trusty TRIcon. A young man named James pulled me over with tons of questions, which I was very happy to answer. When I got home Mama had prepared a great dinner. I’m happy and full and very thankful to God for all of my blessings. Happy Father’s Day; blessings to you and yours.

TRIcon Upgrades and Maintenance

Hi, Guys!

Haven’t checked in for a while; just wanted to say hello and tell you about some minor upgrades and maintenance on the AZUB TRIcon.

I switched out my front two headlights. I now have two “Metro” units by Cygolite. Man, are they bright. One of the six possible modes called “Daylightening” flashes or pulses with 500 lumens of light. It truly is like lightening. The manufacturer recommends this mode only for daytime riding. I can see why; it’s impossible to miss those strobes. Another mode called “Steady Pulse” is also a flashing type mode, but the lights do not go completely out during the cycle, they only dim slightly. Even that mode is 360 lumens bright.

Even on the lowest possible setting, night time riding is a breeze. I have to make sure I don’t point them too high into the eyes of oncoming motorist. The mounting system is familiar and allows me to literally point each light in any direction. Plus, the locking device guarantees the lights will never come off until you want them to. I had a problem with that when using the previous lights.

Bottom line: I love them. The best part is that they are USB rechargeable. I can attach them to any regular USB charger for a few hours or even to my USB computer port and they are good to go. On low setting they can shine for 12 hours. If I use only one that means I can have light for 24 hours before recharging. On the dimmest setting with two lights shining, I can’t believe the amount of light they make. Awesome!

Cygolite Metro bicycle lights.

New lights and pedals.

I also switched the pedals to Shimano M530 SPD units. These are clipped on both sides instead of only one like the previous M324 SPD units were. I figured that I’m never really going to ride the TRIcon without being clipped in, so why not just switch to pedals with clips on both sides. That way I won’t have to fumble, turning the pedals before I can get locked in. I’m not sure why but the new pedals seem to support the bottom of my biking shoes better. I have not had any hot spots on my feet, even after hours of fairly heavy pedaling.

Maybe it’s because there is an extension on the forward side of the clip, which the M324s don’t have. I’m not sure; it just seems like more the bottom of my shoe is engaged. Anyway, I like them. I moved the older units to my TREK 700 hybrid, which I ride to work several times a week.

Also I did a bit of maintenance today. I purchased a Park Tool Hyperglide Lockring Tool (FR-5), a chain whip, and a gear cleaning brush to remove and scrub/polish up the rear cluster and derailleur. The lock-ring that holds the chain rings in place has a grooved surface that bites into the matching surface on the smallest gear. You can see the grooves on the top surface of the smallest gear in the picture. It made an unnerving grinding sound when I loosened it. It sounded as if I had broken something, but all was well.

Rear cluster.

Disassembled rear cluster

Back of rear cluster unit.

Cleaning the back of the cluster unit was a bit tedious.

I was very surprised to find that the first eight gears of the cluster were all riveted together into one unit. Only gears one and two were separate. I was a bit disappointed not to get the chance to ticker with separate gears and spacers. Also cleaning the eight gears as a unit was tedious. Removing the cluster was straight forward. There are plenty of excellent videos on YouTube that show you exactly what to do. Anyway, she’s back together and ready for my next ride.

Reassembled rear cluster.

All back together and shiny.

Take care! Go Seahawks!

New Year’s Day Ride

Hi, Guys!

Mom once told me that it is good luck to be doing on New Year’s Day what you hope to be doing for a long time hence. With that in mind I took and long wonderful tricycle ride on my TRIcon on New Year’s Day morning. I went to Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, CA. Everyone was there. The partying was out-of-sight, as were the cars and motorcycles. I was glad I was on my tricycle; I had perfect seat to take in the festivities.

Happy New Year to all of my fellow tricycle riding friends. May God bless and keep you safe. Have a great 2014. Hope to see you on the road again soon.

Take care,


First Time Ride

Yahoo! Got to ride with my brand new trike bud, Gary Bunting this last Friday morning. Gary rode with, Steve Green on Steve’s first adventure down from Oregon. Gary had been off of his machine for a while and wanted to get back in form. He drove out from his home and we did a 23.6 mile loop to Santa Fe Dam and back.

Gary and I shortly before departure.

Gary and I shortly before departure.

For someone who is “out of shape” he sure did well. He cramped up a bit near the end of the ride, so we just slowed down, enjoyed the scenery, and made it back home in good shape.

Gary, laid back and cruising on his Cat-Trike, "Road".

Gary, laid back and cruising on his Cat-Trike, “Road”.

Me trying to achieve liftoff on the San Gabriel River bike Trail.

Me trying to achieve liftoff on the San Gabriel River bike Trail.

Gary, if you are reading this, it was great to meet and ride with you. We will definitely do it again soon.

Take care, my Friend.


Handle Bar Fix

Hi, Everyone!

Below is a picture of an expansion plug. I purchased it from the local Ace Hardware store.

Rubber expansion plug.

Rubber expansion plug.

I installed it into the opening at the bottom of the steering column on the TRIcon. The idea is that if the handle bars work their way loose again, they will at least not fall totally off of the machine as they did before. I also have used a thread locking product to hold the bolts in place. You can see a bit on the bolt of the expansion plug.

Expansion plug installed.

Expansion plug installed.

Between this and stepped up diligence and maintenance on my part I won’t experience this problem again.

Thanks to all for all of your helpful suggestions and comments – much appreciated.