Genesis and the Big Bang

I want to commend this book to all who have struggled with the dueling facts of God having created all that there is in six days, with the scientific, provable facts and evidence which prove the universe is billions of years old, as recorded in our fossil records, and in the heavens above.

Through close examinations of original Hebrew language, physics, thermodynamics, gravity, space-time, Einstein’s theory of relativity, said examinations all laid out clearly in layman’s language, it explains how there is actually, literally no difference whatsoever between the six days of creation and the actual age of the universe. It wasn’t until Adam became a living soul did the passage of time as man sees it and God sees it became one. That was only 5790 years ago.

What?! Trust me. It will blow your mind.

For instance, how can there be a “morning and evening”, the first day? There was no sun or earth at the end of the first day, so what’s all this talk about morning and evening? How can all the matter that now exists in the universe at one time been compressed into the volume required for a mustard seed?

It’s all perfectly and logically explained. So awesome! This book will re-affirm your faith in God’s word, and answer many questions on which you have often pondered. Read slowly, and brush up your calculus and physics; you will be blessed.