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Hello everyone, and welcome to Good News Only.

I have been working on this site for a while. I had first envisioned it as a place where people could come and share uplifting stories and news. You know – someplace to get away from, “Who killed who?” or “Who swindled who?”

However, due to my poor marketing skills the site never really developed into what I had hoped. There are plenty of web sites already doing a great job of sharing stories of uplifting or “good” news. Thus, I have decided to push it over to where I think it should have been in the first place – where I really wanted it to be.

The primary function of this site/blog will be to share the only truly good news there is, the Gospel of the Lord, Christ Jesus. When all is said and done, He will have preeminence in all things and the final word, so it’s important to understand the message.

Additionally, I will be blogging about topics such as gardening (vegetable and cactus), bicycling and long-distance touring, watercolor painting, and whatever else we decide is worth blogging about.

Occasionally I will direct you to my sister site Northwest Watercolors. There I will feature a gallery of my art work and some “how to” tutorials, and share some of the techniques I use when painting.

Anyway, for what ever reason you are here, I’m glad you are. If you wish to subscribe to this site you must specifically tell me so; use the contact form below. State your request on the message box. I will add you to the subscription list.

In the meantime, take care. God bless you and yours.


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