First Over-Nighter

As some of you may know, this September I will be riding with world-renown recumbent tricycle rider and author, Steve Greene. Steve has invited me to participate in the third iteration of his adventure from the Oregon coast down to Apple Valley in Southern California. Steve has named this trek the PCTA, Pacific Coast Tricycle Adventure. Use the PCTA links above to learn more about it. Steve also has information on his web site at Trike Asylum

In preparation for the journey I have been taking extended rides when I can, the latest being an adventure with the “Trike Boy” himself, Glenn Frank. Glenn has been posting videos of himself and the “Squadron” for years on YouTube. Use this link to see his latest, which he has entitled, “Trikes Along The Coast”.

Below is a map of a 52.6 mile loop I will be doing this Wednesday. I will leave at 7:00 am and hopefully arrive at the East Shore Recreational Vehicle Park sometime between 12:00 and 1:00 pm. At the end of the trip I will actually only be 8 miles from where I started, but I wanted to give myself a ride that might be comparable to what we will be doing on the PCTA. I will take short 30 second videos at 5-mile intervals along the way to let you know how I am doing. At my camp site I will shoot a time-lapse video of me setting up my tent for the first time. That should be good for a laugh, I’m sure. I will be making this ride fully loaded, including 1.9 liter aluminum jug of cold water which weighs in at 5.6 pounds all by itself.

Here are the lengths of the segments in miles: A/B (4.9), B/C (19.5), C/D (2.6), D/E (3.2), E/F (8.6), F/G (2.8), G/H (6.6), H/I (4.4)

The last segment will be the toughest because I will be tired and the grade getting into the campground averages about 8%. Be on the lookout for video by this weekend. Reservations are made and I am excited; it should be fun. The temperatures down here have been hovering around 100 degrees, but hopefully by getting an early start I’ll be okay.

5 thoughts on “First Over-Nighter

  1. Hey Friend – you went right by my home; why didn’t you say ‘HI’?
    Looked like you had a great ride.


  2. That is great! Hope you have a great ride! Looking forward to the video posts.

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