I saw this old tractor sitting off the road on private property about 4 months ago. I wanted to paint it right away, but was afraid to go onto private property without permission. The owner sold wood, so I called the number on his sign – no answer. Finally, I got up my nerve and drove in as far as I could, jumped out and snapped four pictures and raced away in my car before anyone could say otherwise. Whew!

Here’s the finished painting.


Below is a gallery of 12 photos including the final one so you can see the process.

I’m on a roll now, next painting soon!

Marymere Falls, WA

Hi, Guys!

Just finished this one this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ver painted a watercolor this small; it’s only 5×7 inches big. It’s painted on hot-press art board, which was very different from painting on stretched water color paper. The bottom image is the finished painting. The first three show a bit of the process. I made sure I painted to fit the frame size, so this one is framed already with a fifty-cent frame I found at a local swap meet. Enjoy!





1st Official WA State Trike Ride

Hello, everyone! It’s been busy, but I finally found time to take a break and enjoy my first recumbent tricycle ride up here in Washington State. It was a short one, but still big fun. Come on along and I’ll show you the sights and play you some music. Enjoy!

Featured music is by Gordon Lightfoot (Pony Man), Up, Up, and Away (5th Dimension), and Watermelon (Leo Kottke).

Table Saw Sled

Hello! The table saw sled is completed; but man is it ugly. It’s made from scrap wood and I could not create the nice curved profile that was in the SketchUp drawing, as I don’t have a band saw or scroll saw, and no spindle sander. I will glue on a veneer on the top run my router over the edges with a round-over bit.

table saw sled

Table Saw Sled

table saw sled

Close Up

However, ugly as it is, it’s accurate! I used the truing method found online at: Five Cuts to a Perfect Table Saw Sled My “A” cut was .6135″; “B” cut was .6190″. After calculating the math it gave my an error of .0018″ over a 23.09″ length cut. Not perfect, but I’ll take it! Now I can use it to square up the ends of the massive workbench legs I am constructing. Fun!

table saw sled

A cut dimension.

table saw sled

B cut dimension

Wishing Well at Granny’s Cafe

Hi, Guys. There’s a really cool, neat little place right on Highway 101, heading toward Forks called Granny’s Cafe. The tiny restaurant is on about 3 to 5 acres. The food is really good and the service is great and friendly. Out back there is all kinds of wonderful funky stuff to see. There’s a donkey with white bangs over his eyes, and fat goat that comes right up to the fence to say hello. Also there is a well, which is the subject of my latest water color.

Well at Granny's Cafe

Below is a gallery showing the entire painting from start to finish. I must say, I’m a bit rusty, but I’ll be onto the next painting very soon. Anyway, if you are out west of Port Angeles, stop in at Granny’s Cafe. You won’t be disappointed.